building Construction & renovations

We undertake super structural construction work & all building renovations be it commercial or residential with speed and accuracy. 


We give a smart finish on all plumbing installations from drain, hot and cold water systems and sanitary fittings.

Electrical Installations

We do electrical installations from tubing, wiring and all connections.

Mobile Toilets Hiring

We offer affordable mobile toilets hiring. We have state of the art mobile toilets that are suitable for any event.

Renewable Energy

We do  biodigesters and solar systems design, installations and construction at affordable prices. 

Wastes Removal Services

We also offer cost effective waste removal services. Our waste removal services include liquid waste removal, septic tank emptying and septic tank cleaning. 



We have highly qualified and skilled painters who have mastered the art of painting and giving walls a superb and smooth interior and exterior finish.


We do beautiful and durable pavements. The pavements are done in accordance to customer’s specifications. The are different shapes and colours to choose from.


We do floor tiling be it porcelain tiling, ceramic and laminate floors.